Web Design Update: Landing Pages, Website Goals, Advertising Sucks, SEO, and Flipboard

by Fred Showker

Web Design update from DTG Magazine We're at the end of the year and will be seeing new developments in the new year, I'm sure. So this edition will close out 2016, and hopefully give you some things to think about for the coming year. Thanks for reading!

  • Why Flipboard Won't Help Publishing's Smoldering Model
  • 4 Ways to Transform Your Landing Pages for More Impact
  • 10 Ways To Gain Quick Conversions Through Web Design
  • Create the Right Goals for Your Website
  • How your old content can help with SEO
  • Advertising Sucks Long Live The Web
  • How the Web Became Unreadable

Why Flipboard Won't Help Publishing's Smoldering Model

Good news! Flipboard is ready to log me in via Twitter and Facebook.
      It took a while because demand for the new iPad app -- a visual, social reader that lays out the content that you choose and that your friends choose for you into beautiful magazine format -- overwhelmed their servers when it was released
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Advertising Sucks Long Live The Web

How much does an advert in Yellow Pages cost? How many enquiries would you expect to get back for that investment each day? 1? 10? 100?
      What about an ad in the local newspaper or a trade publication? They don't come cheap. When was the last time you heard an advertising salesman say:
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Create the Right Goals for Your Website

Pageviews aren’t the goal. Your goal is the goal. – Mike Powers
      You have to set the right goals for your website. Otherwise, how do you know if it’s working? Your website is a reflection of your organization.
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How your old content can help with SEO

As the volume of content on the internet continues to expand at jaw-dropping rates, it’s getting harder and harder to attract an audience.
      And yet, publishers and brands are investing heavily on churning out new pages. The Washington Post publishes 1,200 new content assets every day, 500 of which are articles prepared by their in-house editorial team. Across the entire web, according to estimates from Internet Live Stats, over 4.3 million blog posts go up each day. Keeping up with that kind of competition volume is a bit of a non-starter.
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4 Ways to Transform Your Landing Pages for More Impact

Landing pages offer a time-tested way to funnel your prospects toward a sale. They’re tightly focused, which eliminates distraction, and they help you track your progress over time.
      If you start to see reduced engagement with your landing pages, it might be time to give them a face lift. As part of a comprehensive inbound marketing plan, landing pages can showcase the value of your brand and products, and open up the door for you to build relationships with potential customers. Without further ado, here are four ways that you can transform your landing pages for greater impact
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How the Web Became Unreadable

It’s been getting harder for me to read things on my phone and my laptop. I’ve caught myself squinting and holding the screen closer to my face. I’ve worried that my eyesight is starting to go.
      These hurdles have made me grumpier over time, but what pushed me over the edge was when Google’s App Engine console — a page that, as a developer, I use daily — changed its text from legible to illegible. Text that was once crisp and dark was suddenly lightened to a pallid gray. Though age has indeed taken its toll on my eyesight, it turns out that I was suffering from a design trend. There’s a widespread movement in design circles to reduce the contrast between text and background, making type harder to read. Apple is guilty. Google is, too. So is Twitter.
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10 Ways To Gain Quick Conversions Through Web Design

Some web designers often get carried away while designing web pages, especially if their goal is to create catchy and stunning designs that attract online shoppers. However, as a web designer, that should not be your only aim.
      You need to convert the attraction of your website visitors into higher sales. Even though attracting visitors is important, you need to ensure that the conversion rates are high to achieve the marketing goals. So, it is important that web designers incorporate ideas that will increase sales volumes and the following tips are sure to help.
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