Nikita Prokhorov is the real deal: Logos, lettering, and visions that move

by Fred Showker

Nikita Prokhorov featured in the 21st Annual Fonts Festival There's so much stuff floating around Facebook that it has become almost impossible to sort the real from the players. I've discovered many people in the Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and other graphic arts areas are not genuine! That's right. They are there for the clicks. We ran across one the other day from the Pacific rim who was taking Photoshop photo manipulations from other people and calling them his own ... down to the point of putting his name on them. Another had an insurance web site, but had posted a beautiful Photoshop rendering done by someone else. It had a thousand shares. So you really have to be careful! Some discoveries are gold, however, which is true for Nikita Prokhorov . . .


Nikita is one of the most genuine people we've had the pleasure to follow on Facebook -- and he just keeps getting better and better -- raising his lettering and design art into the stratisphere! So I had to feature Nikita in this year's fest!

Nikita writes :

Quoting  begins I love sketching. For me, there is nothing purer than the connection between the mind and the hand holding a pencil or a pen. When I draw letterforms, it’s important to get the ideas out of my head on paper and experiment. There are no software programs, no technological blocks, just your mind, eyes, hand, paper, and pencil. Quoting  ends


Quoting  begins With ambigrams, you have to take the traditional rules and principles of graphic design, break them, reassemble them from a different perspective, and still adhere to those rules and principles. Therefore, that direct connection from your mind to the hand holding the pencil or pen become doubly important, and absolutely vital to the success of the final outcome. Quoting  ends


Originally from Russia, Nikita studied Graphic Design at Savannah College of Art and Design and fit right into the graphic arts industry! Off to New York, he's got it all going on with some superb design and a noted reputation as the "Anigram" guy.


You can keep up with Nikita at his web site installation :
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