Creative Tidbits #220: Creative Tidbits #220: 5 Questions, future of design, design in 2017, getting paid and more

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Creative tidbits

Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration As we ramp down the year, I've got this and one other Creative Tidbit and then it's careening into 2017 with reckless abandon! Please let me know of your favorites from 2016, and what you'd like to see in the new year! It'll be fun for us all ! Enjoy!

  • Five Questions: Graphic designer Gil Shuler has changed the city
  • Universities aren’t the future of design education
  • Website trends that will shape web design in 2017
  • 3 Ways To Get Paid For Your Creativity
  • 36 Days of Type by Sergi Delgado

36 Days of Type by Sergi Delgado

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Now Based on Barcelona Sergi Delgado creates beautiful typographic art and design from logos to extraordinary configurations.
      You'll love this . . .
UGNN Games Infomanager Sergi Delgado
great shoot'em up games Watch a slideshow of Sergi's logos

Five Questions: Graphic designer Gil Shuler has changed the city

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Graphic designer Gil Shuler is the elder hippie guru that all other designers in Charleston bow down to. He's the groovy dude they all abide.
      Shuler kind of started it all. An artsy fellow from Sumter, he settled in Charleston in the fall of 1983 and helped to transform the city. Little by little everything commercial, municipal and nonprofit began to look better. And when things look better, they are better. His operation, Gil Shuler Graphic Design, has long sat at the center of the design community, an inspiration to others who have increasingly found their own niche in town.
UGNN Games Infomanager Adam Parker for the Post & Courier
great shoot'em up games Visit Gil's website for some very nice work

3 Ways To Get Paid For Your Creativity

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It is exhausting to be a student working full-time jobs or several part-time jobs – after bills come around to take all your money away, you might feel discouraged about having so little extra money for fun things or for extra essentials you might need.
      If you don’t want to add another job into your schedule and want to make a little extra money with minimal effort on your part, check out these three ways to sell your creativity and reap the monetary benefits over time
UGNN Games Infomanager Tutoring Jobs ~

Website trends that will shape web design in 2017

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Website design is an ever changing field and staying on top of trends can help your business flourish and set you apart from competitors.
      Impress the consumers of tomorrow by ensuring that your website is ready for 2017 by having a look at the website trends that will shape web design in 2017.
UGNN Games Infomanager CAROLINE LEVEY ~

Universities aren’t the future of design education

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John Spencer – who recently stepped down as an external examiner at a leading university – on why he thinks universities are failing design students and how industry-backed social enterprises may be a viable alternative. John writes :
      We love to bellyache about the failure of university design education to prepare students for a career in graphic design. One of the greatest complaints is that it hasn’t kept pace with the times and some say it’s decades out of date, but I don’t think that’s the problem at all.
UGNN Games Infomanager John Spencer --

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