21st Annual Fonts Festival : fonts, lettering and typography surf #1

by Fred Showker

21st Annual Fall Fonts Festival Here we go kicking off the twenty-first annual fonts festival. Kind of hard to believe we started this in 1994! Where were you in 1994? My favorite part of the annual fonts fest is just searching for cool entries and resources to share with the DT&G readers! I'm planning on continuing the process in my 60-Second Windows blog.

We love Handlettering, branding and signing

type and lettering books We were knocked out by this guy's portfolio, and his clients list . . . you're going to enjoy this ...
      Mateusz Witczak is a self-taught graphic designer whose specialization is the hand lettering and custom typography with high level of detail and diligence -- he performs projects in the field of branding, print and hand-crafted designs, typographic illustration, apparel design and hand painting.
typography Full story : Mateusz Witczak Designs
hand lettering and type Seriously check out his Instagram site!

Dashing fresh creative type & typography with Dash Creative

type and lettering books These guys should be an inspiration to all -- not just their typography, but their sense of color, balance and design. There's a whole pile of visual candy at their site -- you'll love Dash Creative
      As soon as I saw their instagram feed I followed . . . my may too!
typography Full story : Dash Creative -- dashcreative.com.au
hand lettering and type Wonderful work on Cascade First Harvest
GO and... a killer Instagram site

Frisso Hand Letterer and Sign Painter

type and lettering books As his sign (above) says, here's a first hand, first class graphic artist with hand lettering nailed down!
      Scroll through Carl Frederik's (aka. 'Frisso') portfolio and you'll see what I'm talking about. Amazingly his work looks truly American, but he's a a Norwegian graphic designer living in Copenhagen, Denmark!
typography Full story : http://www.frisso151.com/
hand lettering and type Here, have a close look at some real work!

Meet Scott Biersack, Illustrator, Designer, type fiend

type and lettering books This guy has a great story, a lot of energy and a huge collection of over-the-top excellent work! We've actually presented two videos here -- which show his work in progress ...
typography Full story : Scott Biersack, Illustrator, Designer, type fiend
hand lettering and type Also see: Scott's rapid-fire Lettering Vector process!

Surf along with us -- and please, share your findings with DTG readers! We'll be back tomorrow and continue our 21st Annual Fall Fonts Festival Surf ... stay tuned!

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And, thanks for reading

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