FFF #10 : Penny Candy WOW, typography mistakes, Jordan's 3D typography and more

by Fred Showker

23rd Fonts Fest surf #10

23rd annual fonts fest In this edition, we're pushing this year's number of encounters way beyond any years in the past! I'm really enjoying picking up all these leads, and we may even see Penny Candy again in our Designing Women celebration in March! You'll just have to stay tuned. Now, check these :

The 8 biggest typography mistakes designers make

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This is recommended reading for those without formal education, or just entering the design field as an amateur. Sam Hampton-Smith has gathered up eight of the tried and true typography rules and re-packaged them as "designers mistakes" ... although if you're a designer, you should already know these -- they've only been preached for about a century.
      Sam takes you through * Insufficient leading * Too much positive tracking * Confusing tracking and kerning * Using too many faces and weights * Failing to set reasonable line lengths * Inadequate contrast * Centering text universally * Two spaces after a full stop . . . and while these are certainly important, they're not the "biggest" mistakes made.
Creative inspiration creativebloq.com

Penny Candy got it all going on

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I was really hoping Penny's last name would be Candy, but alas, her real name is Amy Peppler Adams -- and she's a whirlwind of graphic design stuff!
      Once you take a look at her works you'll see she's got ideas coming out of the woodwork -- many that exploit the remarkable visual attributes of letterforms and typography ...
Creative inspiration Amy Peppler Adams' Penny Candy
Creative Tidbits I really liked this vintage signs throwback
GO This is why I call Amy a whirlwind of graphic design

3D Typography by Jordan Budd

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The brief was to create 3D typography, one poster had to be the alphabet and the second poster had to be numbers one to ten. The outcomes were featured in promotional materials for Swansea College of Art.
      More from Jordan Budd
Creative inspiration Jordan Budd
Creative Tidbits ... and welcome to a bunch more of Jordan's work

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