Reduce Paper Waste and Errors with New Bid & Estimate App - GreenBid 2.4

by Fred Showker

 Reduce Paper Waste and Errors with New Bid & Estimate App - GreenBid 2.4 Arizona start-up, GreenBid has developed GreenBid, a digital bid, estimate, and invoice generator to help users save money and reduce waste. GreenBid Paperless Estimates is specifically developed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

With a clean, intuitive interface, GreenBid allows users to bid, invoice and charge clients through a customizable, turnkey application. Designed for virtually any service or product, GreenBid can electronically deliver within minutes and provides both PDF and HTML formatted output.

greenbid_full_page_sampleFeature Highlights:

  • Simple and uncluttered User Interface
  • Provides digital, auto-calculated bid, estimates, and invoices
  • Ability to customize output so it can be branded for the user's business
  • Optional legal disclosures and fine print
  • Electronic delivery within minutes
  • Easy data entry of client info
  • Automatically calculates totals and taxes
  • Ability to accept major credit cards through optional Stripe account
  • Ability to SMS/text clients with updates
  • PDF and HTML formatted output
  • Credit card information and client data is secure and never stored on GreenBid server
  • Community-submitted products and services available through downloadable "widgets"
  • Share subscription across multiple devices via e-mail, AirDrop, or Dropbox
  • Ability to back up and share with others
  • Ability to print on-the-go (AirPrint connection required)

GreenBid is completely customizable. Details like the business name, address, website, and logo can be automatically inserted into each bid the user creates. GreenBid provides easy data entry of client names and information into the app. Users can find clients by typing any part of their name in the Search Clients field. To delete a client from the list, users can swipe the name to the left and press Delete. To restore, users can search for the client's name and then swipe their name to the left again.

By setting up the business model(s) that best fits the user's products and services, GreenBid can download the latest available trades with products and services represented by configurable "widgets." The majority of the downloadable trades come with a pack of standard service offerings as well as hourly entries for businesses that charge on a per-hour basis. Users have the freedom of turning on/off the trades, section, and widgets individually. Users can also submit new trades and custom widgets by filling out a form on the company website. New additions are approved within 24 hours and made quickly available to all users within the GreenBid community.

GreenBid provides simple steps to create an estimate. After searching for the client and tapping on the plus (+) icon, users identify the services and select the quantities. Once completed, GreenBid will automatically generate the estimate, including the calculation of sales tax. From within the app, users can e-mail the estimate instantly to their client. GreenBid also ensures a copy of the estimate is automatically delivered to the user's business e-mail for their records.

GreenBid is designed to keep a user's private information and client data secure. All information is stored on the iOS device rather than the GreenBid server so the user can maintain full control of the data. Information can only be shared by backing up the GreenBid database and importing it to another device. For example, in the event the user wants to share client information with a large sales team, he or she simply sets up the business and prices on a single device and then shares the backup via e-mail, AirDrop, or Dropbox. This will provide access to prior clients, estimates, and business settings to each team member. GreenBid also works with most existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

By setting up the optional Stripe account, GreenBid provides users with the ability to charge directly from within the app for services rendered. All major credit cards are accepted and funds are directly deposited into the user's bank account. Additional transaction fees apply for this service.

Perry Bigley of GreenBid explains

Quoting  begins GreenBid Paperless Estimates 2.4 basically generates digital bids, estimates and invoices quickly and easily ... Digital estimate generation reduces paper waste and clutter, promotes mathematical precision, removes the need to spend man-hours on transcribing paper estimates into CRM systems and is generally applicable to any service sector where initial estimates and bids are a staple of driving new sales. GreenBid is branded for your business and capable of supporting virtually any service or product you can offer. Its easy, turnkey approach and simple, uncluttered user interface allows you to customize, bid, invoice and charge estimates for your own clients in under a minute. The free download allows you to add an unlimited number of clients and estimates. By purchasing a 30-day subscription, GreenBid provides the full service including instant paperless delivery via e-mail and PDF, direct SMS/text to clients, and full backups of the application. Save money and reduce waste with GreenBid. Quoting  ends

Device Requirements: iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Requires iOS or later - 6.2 MB

Pricing and Availability: GreenBid Paperless Estimates 2.4 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category. Subscription to the full service is $19.99 (USD) and unlocks features like estimate delivery, data exports, and backup. Category: Business, Productivity, Finance

GreenBid Paperless Estimates 2.4 GreenBid Paperless Estimates 2.4
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GreenBid Paperless Estimates  iPad Promo Video (Dropbox) GreenBid Paperless Estimates iPad Promo Video (Dropbox)

Phoenix, Arizona - Based in Phoenix, Arizona, GreenBid LLC is a privately-owned software design company that was founded in 2012 by Perry Bigley. GreenBid's mission is to digitize the traditional paper process of creating bids and estimates in the service trade sector. Copyright (C) 2012-2014 GreenBid LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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