FFF #6 : Fonts this time! See a tall western style, a friendly script, and lettering for God

by Fred Showker

23rd Fonts Fest surf #6

23rd annual fonts fest Okay, okay -- letters continue to roll in -- you're right, this is a fonts festival -- so in this issue we'll send you some fonts! Try a western style font, or, perhaps a stunning casual script! Two odd ends of the font spectrum. Then we'll visit a Mexican designer who creates typography for God! Follow along for another lively jaunt in the world of typography!
I set our title today using this week's font PhotoWall a fresh, friendly, casual script!

photowal script

Gleb Guralny Ukrainian Fonts Designer

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Gleb Guralny from Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine has released Traveler, a free western style typeface with wide and narrow characters, and lots of ligatures (automatically replaceable with open type features). The font is listed to be owned by "multiple owners" -- Guralny and Pixels Plus in Canada -- another free piece from the Russian graphics cartel encompassed in CreativeMarket, PixelsPlus and Pixels Surplus in Montreal.
      This package includes Three OTF font files, Three WOFF font files, Vector EPS files. Traveler looks a lot like Guralnyk's "Desperado" typeface which is also free
type, fonts, calligraphy samples Guralny has designed a load of "western" style fonts!
23rd Fonts Fest Samples Download Traveller-Typeface.zip
GO Who else designed a "Traveler Font" ???

A fun, casual conncting script : PhotoWall

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You saw "PhotoWall" script above. This is not it, but PhotoWall is included in the commercial version of this font. This is a "demo" font. (Unfortunately, the designer promoted this "free font" as PhotoWall, in a bait-n-switch scam!) We love the script however, so we included it here. The whole Family in four weights with lots of swashes, ligatures and alternates. PhotoWall is perfect for logotypes, posters, cards, menus, product packaging and other printables, as well as web applications. It is friendly, fresh and fun to work with.
      This font is from DearType -- the full version comes with a comprehensive package of complementary fonts and a bunch of frames, borders and other design elements that will help you get creative. (sort of flaky because the promo talks about the script, but the free demo is the sans serif shdow version that is very ordinary.)
type, fonts, calligraphy samples Dear Type - Typefaces & Lettering -- Sofia, Bulgaria
23rd Fonts Fest Samples If you have a Dropbox account, you can download the font directly
GO Another sample we liked
GO Click HERE for an overview of thumbnail samples

Urban typography: Illustrations, typographs, and Jesus

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Bernardo Ramonfaur from Mexico, has a bunch of interesting photos at his site. Just say "WOW"
      He's also selling a ton of his art at the various online clipart houses.
type, fonts, calligraphy samples Bernardo Ramonfaur Behance Portfolio
23rd Fonts Fest Samples Scroll through a huge selection of thumbnails!

Follow along the fonts festival

Enjoy this year's festival, and don't forget to send in your favorite samples and selections of type in use, lettering, fonts, typography layouts by sending me an email!

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