FFF #5 : Type Directors Club 'BEST', Coral-Inspired Typography, and trust your news type

by Fred Showker


23rd annual fonts fest I'm happy to announce the Type Directors Club "World’s Best Typography Exhibition" in this edition, and am lucky to have discovered it yesterday in my typography research. Thank goodness there are still dates you can go see this exhibit. Also, typography growing as if it were coral is an awesome piece you must see! Have fun, stay in touch!
I set our title today using the extraordinary font Didonesque Std Black Italic in the tradition of transitional fonts Bodoni and Didot !

Didonesque Std Black Italic font

Type Directors Club Debuts World’s Best Typography Exhibition in New York

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At its annual award ceremonies last week at The Cooper Union, the Type Directors Club opened The World’s Best Typography: The Type Directors Club 63rd Annual Typography Exhibition, a gallery exhibition that combines the juried results of this year’s Annual Typeface Design Competition, TDC 2017, and the Annual Communications Design Competition, TDC63.
      September 4-14: Osaka, Japan at the Paper Voice Gallery, sponsored by the Japan Typography Association and TAKEO Co. Ltd. September 8-Octover 29: Bielfeld, Germany at the Museum Huelsmann September 12-16: Montreal, Canada as part of ATypI
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23rd Fonts Fest Samples Check out this awesome shot of the exhibit

This design detail determines if you trust your news sources

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Thumbs up for this insightful article by Leeron Hoory, who writes :
      If you’re on a train and catch a glimpse of a newspaper over someone’s shoulder, chances are you can recognize which publication it is without being able to see the masthead.

Quoting  begins The average person can tell you very quickly if an article came from the New York Times or the Dayton Daily News. Mario Garcia, senior adviser on news design and an adjunct professor at Columbia Journalism School says Quoting  ends

type, fonts, calligraphy samples Leeron Hoory, writing for qz.com

Coral-Inspired Typography by Oliver Latta

type, fonts, calligraphy samples This is truly amazing. Take a moment and experience this. “Coralet” is a mesmerizing typographic experiment by German designer Oliver Latta, inspired by coral reefs.
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23rd Fonts Fest Samples AMAZING GIF file animation ... wait for it!

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