FFF #2 : Rounds and curves, email fonts and the return of Mario in this Fonts Fest edition

by Fred Showker

23rd annual fonts fest Continue on as we delve into more and more interesting and inspiring type and typography sitings! I am particularly enjoying Lauren Lee's rounded Somatic font, and you all should take a look at the "Typography in Emails" piece! Continue on, and have a great time ... don't forget to stay in touch!

Somatic rounded font

Typography in Emails: Revamp your Campaigns with typography

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Although I've always advocated that ALL email should be ascii text, it seems the world doesn't agree with me. Oh well. Kevin George created this article, and it's an essential read for designers. He writes:
      The evolution of email marketing has happened on a fast track and marketers are battling hard to keep their subscribers engaged in their emails. Boring and monotonous emails do not grab people’s attention anymore. With waves of emails flooding the customers’ inbox and their reduced attention span, it is necessary that you grab eyeballs with something attractive and appealing.
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type, fonts, calligraphy samples Kevin George -- EmailMonks, for www.business2community.com
23rd Fonts Fest Samples Here is the infographic ... it's HUGE, download, don't view online!

Rounded, friendly Somatic Typeface

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Lauren is a designer and illustrator living in Manhattan, New York.
      Every decade of design contains key stylistic hallmarks. For Lauren Lee, a clear hallmark is the popularity of logotypes that are simple, direct, relatable, and accessible. Therefore, Somatic provides a skeleton for friendly, honest, and approachable logotypes. .
type, fonts, calligraphy samples Lauren Elizabeth Lee
23rd Fonts Fest Samples Download Rounded_Somatic_font.zip

Super Mario World of Typograpy

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Level M. Super Mario World of Typography ... Would you play this? Part of the LMNOPproject - an exploration of typography, letters, colour and so much more.
type, fonts, calligraphy samples Satesh Mistry
23rd Fonts Fest Samples OMG here they all are! Excellent!

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