FFF #3 : Spec contest for design? A great slab family, and a little Kinetic type movement

by Fred Showker

23rd annual fonts fest Continue on as we visit a great developer for Monotype with a superb slab, then peek in on what appears to be a contest to design a typographic brochure (Could this be spec work???) then we're loving a little motion ditty created in Photoshop! ... don't forget to stay in touch!

Somatic rounded font

Give us a Hot & Trendy Typography/Infographic Clinical Flier or brochure

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Well you hear a lot of complaints about contests and spec work. Just go to "No Spec Work" and you'll get a nose full.
      A person named "maxst" needed a new postcard, flyer or print design so "they" went to 99Designs and created a contest. These 2 winners were selected from 22 designs submitted by 12 freelance designers. We have no idea if they were paid, or what. But it's an interesting exercise. What do YOU think?
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type, fonts, calligraphy samples 99Designs or various designers, etc.
23rd Fonts Fest Samples SAMPLE them all, in Google Images
GO Click here to decide if you like doing spec work or not!

The merger of two different styles into Queulat

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Jorge Cisterna is a Graphic Designer who was born in Puerto Montt, southern Chile. He worked within the advertising industry as an Art Director for 7 years, what awoke in him his interest in type design. Since 2008 Jorge has been working as a contributing type designer for Latinotype, where Latin flavoured fonts are developed.
      Queulat Condensed Free Demo is the condensed version of Queulat typeface, keeping the same features as the original one. Queulat Cnd is a hybrid typeface that combines different styles, reflecting charm, freshness and, especially, a strong personality. As we can see on the preview, it is suitable for publishing and subheadings. This is certainly a well-made typeface, so make sure to check out on the full version.
type, fonts, calligraphy samples Jorge Cisterna Typeface designer
23rd Fonts Fest Samples Another sample setting of Queulat
23rd Fonts Fest Samples Characters on a grid, how cool!

Motion Tracking Kinetic Typography -- Be patient, it takes a few moments to load!
Eugenia C has created an interesting little piece of animated typography that could spell some new avenues of exploration for the rest of us ... check it out at Vimeo!
Eugenia writes :
      Handlettering, edited on photoshop. Video shot on iphone 7 under 3 pm cloudy sky (tennis court background). Animated on After Effects, color-graded in Lightroom, and sounds added on iMovie :)
type, fonts, calligraphy samples Eugenia Clara - at Vimeo
23rd Fonts Fest Samples see more of Eugenia's work here

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