FFF #2: A Tattoo font, some calligraphy, a weird sans, a slab and even a caps marker font!

by Fred Showker

very hot fonts collection Close on the heels of the last fonts surf, we kick off #2 and this time we're concentrating on some very cool fonts you can download and use for free! We're trying to pick through the thousands of new fonts hitting the scene each year just to find a few we don't mind passing along to you!

  • Kady puts slab serifs into Ansley Display
  • Erial- free typeface by Kolcsár Sz. Zsolt
  • Do you really hate marker type faces?
  • Talisman Handcrafted Typeface
  • Mom Font Family


Hefalo Script ~ fresh and fun!

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Hefalo is a unique brush typeface that is modern and elegant. Hefalo Script can be used for various purposes. Such as the title, signature, logo, correspondence, t-shirts, wedding invitations, letterhead, signage, labels, newsletters, posters, badges, etc.
      Note: Hefalo Script Free Demo is for personal use only, if you want to use it commercially, make sure to purchase the Full Version.
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Do you really hate marker type faces?

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Not me! When you need it to look like hand-lettered marker -- you can do it, or you can use Fabian Free Marker Typeface! You need a headline & stand out!. It is a free font that can give your design a personal stand out message. And by the way, when you get to Pere's Behance installation, you'll find a ton of other great free fonts! BRAVO, Pere!
      All uppercase. All letters. No punctuation. All numbers. Meant to be the headline & stand out! Butch . TTF and Butch . OTF Pere, is a freelance designer and photographer.
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Graphic Design inputs You can download it here, but you need a dropbox account

Talisman Handcrafted Typeface

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Talisman is a Handcrafted typeface with some great stylistic set. Ligature, contextual alternates, and ornament. Use your imagination! Combine and make some great Lettering, Invitation, Logo, and many more.
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Graphic Design inputs Here's a great sample

Mom Font Family

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Mom Font Family is a free fonts inspired by the old school tattoo lettering. These fonts are a tribute to a lot of the great artist that use american tattoo lettering style. Hope you all enjoy it. Big thanks to Rafa Miguel for providing this freebies. Make sure to check out more great works at his portfolio. Format TTF (TrueType Font)
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Graphic Design inputs see more . . .

Kady puts slab serifs into Ansley Display

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Ansley Display is a slab-serif style display font that was designed for a Chicago-based magazine article. It was originally inspired by the retro typography styles of the 60's. It was used for initial caps, headlines, along with full-page designs.
      Kady is a Detroit-based multidisciplinary designer and director who constructs one of a kind designs in terms of functionality and proper visual aesthetics. With over 8 years of creative experience having produced, supervised, and executed design work for various clients, she has an extensive background knowledge for all aspects of design including typography, illustration, packaging, and interactive design.
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Graphic Design inputs Click here to download this font
GO Here's yet another sample

Erial- free typeface by Kolcsár Sz. Zsolt

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Erial typeface is one of the mechanically drawn fonts that tends to defy the craft, while looking pretty darn good. It is a modern sans serif font (TrueType Font) so it's called -- but seems to contradict that calling. Erial can always be use in a wide range of project; it looks marvelous as logotype, looks well as body type, perfect for poster design, apparel and so much more!
      Thanks to Kolcsar Zsolt for sharing this stunning freebie! Check out on his portfolio to get the latest updates from him and also for more of his awesome creative works! License: Free to use for Personal and Commercial Use . . . Click to free download: personal and commercial projects.
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Graphic Design inputs Here's the download -- they'll ask you for your email . . .



Surf along with us -- and please, share your findings with DTG readers! We'll be back tomorrow and continue our 22nd Annual Fall Fonts Festival Surf ... stay tuned!
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For now, thanks for reading

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