22nd Fonts Fest: moving type, type for lawyers, cancer type and more

by Fred Showker

very hot fonts collection It's that time of year again, and we're zooming toward the autumn and into the 22nd annual Fall Fonts Festival with lots more great typography inspiration, and many more free fonts for you to enjoy! Don't forget to send in your favorites!

  • Layout and Typography in Legal Pleadings
  • Typography for Lawyers
  • Kinetic Typography
  • Free Font - RUINA
  • Cancer typography


Free Font - RUINA

DT&G Fonts Fest

Felipe Estay Miller from Copiapó, Chile posts this interesting font that has a lot of potential as his samples illustrate. Felipe has a good collection of portfolio pieces at his Behance installation.
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22nd Fonts Fest Large poster using the Ruina font

DT&G Fonts Fest

Formatting Your Filings: The Importance of Layout and Typography in Pleadings

Isn't this interesting . . . the art and design of typography finally makes it into the courtroom. All the lawyers out there, and the rates they charge -- it's amazing they have recognized the importance of good typography. Author Mary Lide writes :
      When formatting your filings—the caption page especially—it can never hurt to think about the aesthetics. While court rules are strict about typography, you can still make your filings stand out with a few simple design tips, courtesy of Matthew Butterick’s Typography for Lawyers.
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22nd Fonts Fest This is just a laugh

Typography for Lawyers

DT&G Fonts Fest If Matthew Butterick didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent him. From the foreword by Bryan A. Garner Originally released to great acclaim in 2010, Typography for Lawyers was the first guide to the essentials of typography aimed specifically at lawyers.
      Author Matthew Butterick, an attorney and Harvard-trained typographer, dispelled the myth that legal documents are incompatible with excellent typography. Butterick explained how to get professional results with the tools you already have quickly and easily. Revised and updated, Typography for Lawyers 2nd builds on the topics and tutorials included in the first edition with 20 pages of new material.
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Cancer typography

DT&G Fonts Fest

Eric Nyffeler writes :
      As is obvious to anyone who has ever seen my work, I like working with texture. When I was asked to put together some scary looking typography for an AARP Magazine article about cancer, I decided to to put together some really nasty, sickly looking textures.
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22nd Fonts Fest Looks good in positive or reverse!

Kinetic Typography

DTG Fonts Fest

We love animated type, and this BB King paced piece shows some scooting Helvetica that tells the story! Turn it up!

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Surf along with us -- and please, share your findings with DTG readers! We'll be back tomorrow and continue our 22nd Annual Fall Fonts Festival Surf ... stay tuned!
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