Lost or stolen laptop recovery

by Staff

GadgetTrak Laptop ActiveTrak Inc. has announced that its award-winning GadgetTrak Laptop 3 is now being bundled with warranty plans, including AppleCare at select Apple retailers. This arrangement increases the level of protection by not only covering physical problems with the laptop, but also helping recover it if it's lost or stolen.

Erick Laabs, Vice President of Retail for The Mac Store said

Quoting  begins iCare is a product we launched last November to package all the services that people were asking for into one package at one great price ... This November we added GadgetTrak to that bundle as well. This is a service our Customers keep asking for, and with its inclusion into our iCare bundle people have been more excited than ever to get it. Quoting  ends

GadgetTrak is also included with an extended warranty service sold internationally by Computer Warranty Services and as a bundle with Apple's AppleCare when purchased from MacForce, a Portland-based Apple retailer.

Ken Westin, ActiveTrak founder and CEO said

Quoting  begins Warranties are a natural bundle option with GadgetTrak,". "We're excited to work with our new partners on bringing a total solution for laptop reliability and recovery. Quoting  ends

Key features of GadgetTrak 3 include:

  • * Advanced Positioning - By using onboard Wi-Fi radios found in virtually all computers together with advanced Wi-Fi positioning technology, GadgetTrak pinpoints stolen laptops within 10 meters.
  • Location Notification - When tracking occurs, a subscriber will get an email with detailed information about a device's location. This information can also be found on a web control panel.
  • Webcam Support - Using a laptop webcam, GadgetTrak can remotely snap a photo of a thief, providing crucial evidence that police can use to get a laptop back.

GO GadgetTrak 3
GO iCare from The Mac Store: http://www.themacstore.com/icare
GO Computer Warranty Services: http://computerwarrantyservices.com/Gadgetrack2.php
GO MacForce: http://macforce.com/

ActiveTrak Inc. is a leading provider of innovative and patented theft recovery and loss prevention solutions for laptops, smartphones, and portable media devices. The company's consumer product, GadgetTrak, delivers the most advanced theft recovery software available for consumers and businesses today. ActiveTrak not only provides the technology to recover and protect data on devices, but also recovery assistance. The company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Copyright (C) 2010 ActiveTrak Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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