Beware bogus offers for Adobe products

by Fred Showker

Spam selling Adobe Creative Suite by Apple A spam / phishing attack arrived in three of our 'watched' email accounts this morning, sent from a spammer masquerading as Apple, selling the new Adobe Creative Suite. Be careful, buy only from known sources ... do not click!

What the spam will look like At right you'll see it's picked up directly from Apple's style. The offer is the Adobe Creative Suite at a very low discount.

Probing into the origin of the spam, and target of the spammer request
IP address:

Those victims who receive this email and click will arrive on servers owned by the cyber crook located in Penang, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

When you encounter an email that is unknown to you, yet 'looks' authentic, and you are tempted to click -- check the headers FIRST.

This is what I saw, which was an instant clue that the email was clearly not from Apple. ( See email header) This email address and 'identity' is bogus.

Deeper into the headers we validated it as spam by various tests SpamCop applies to the email to check for authenticity. This one failed ten of those tests.

Be careful, buy only from known sources ... do not click!

DO NOT CLICKThanks for reading…

Fred Showker

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