60-Seconds #338 : Getting flamed on Facebook isn't always bad

by Fred Showker

Sirius Grinch made me listen to ads FLAMED : I was flamed in a comment on a friend's Facebook the other day because I quoted publishing community sentiment about Trump, fake news, click bait and the amount of free air time Trump leveraged from social media. People just don't believe that each time Obama or Clinton mentioned Trump, it was a positive marketing point in favor of Trump. If you mention that "Obama and Clinton actually aided in the Trump victory by concentrating on him and NOT Hillary," be careful, you'll probably get flamed like I did.

She called me a racist, and accused "people like you" of being the reason Trump got elected, along with some other rather insulting jabs. Thank goodness my friend was civil enough to remove the posts. She was a sore loser in a knee-jerk reaction, stabbing out at anyone who didn't agree with her and the thread's host. And did you ever notice how these people do not let up, no matter how obvious or accurate the info is? You can be 100% accurate -- but the flame still hurts.

So, I started digging back through much of the research about fake news and click-bait I've accumulated over the past several years in the UGNN InfoManager. As many 60-Seconds readers know, I have regular updates on marketing, advertising, social media and Facebook -- so my studies in these areas are quite extensive. I was reassured that the information I posted was actually supported and considered authentic by a growing community of reporters and internet watch-dogs, much like myself. Believe me or not (you can do your own diligence) there are thousands of marketing, advertising, media and publishing experts in the field who have used real data to support the exact same platform.

I've started a new topic column that will appear soon in my 60-Seconds.com focusing on the new "fake news" era -- which -- by the way -- also explains how Obama, Clinton, Islamic news sites, your favorite celebrities and tens of thousands of gullible "share-clickers" on Facebook got Trump elected. Jump over my signature and below I've posted just a sampling for your 'enrichment' . . .

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Update : Find out about Fake News and Click Bait for yourself

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